10 Strategies to Maximize your Potential

Here is a great take on maximizing ones potential. If you have ever felt a personal dis-connect with your goals and/or your strategies for achieving them, this article is for you. It comes from Jay Ship, Vice President and COO at Rapport Leadership International, an innovative leadership training group, via the Renascent Consulting blog. Enjoy, Sincerely, Ormond Rankin … Continue reading

10 Quotes about Balance

It’s been awhile since I compiled a quote blog, so I figured it was time for a new one. During the summer many of our mindsets change because we want to spend more time outside, with our families or on vacation. Does this cause your business to suffer, or do you find that maybe your … Continue reading

The War for Talent is Winnable

Do you have trouble finding and keeping great employees?If so, this month’s article is a must read. It’s from one of my suppliers, Hiring Smart.All too often employers look at the wrong indicators for a successful hire. They enter into a working relationship, spend a lot of money doing so, only to find their new prized … Continue reading

Effect Marketing for Lead Generation: The Law of Reciprocity

I am so lucky to be a Preferred Partner/Affiliate with the Local Impact Zone.   LIZ is a powerful networking group in the Treasure Valley that focuses on The Law of Reciprocity and giving first. We had a great event on Wednesday morning at the Powerhouse events center, if you missed it, I hope you can make it … Continue reading

5 Points of Marketing – Marketing a Circus

When preparing your marketing plan, make sure you understand what marketing is. Here are a few definitions of marketing: Communicating and Educating The 4 P’s – Place, Price, Product, and Promotion Getting someone who has a need to know to like and trust you. Marketing is so much more than just advertising and promotion. Don’t overlook areas the 5 Areas of … Continue reading

Marketing Exercise: Become your Ideal Customer/Client

Hi this is Kelsie, ActionCOACH BCG’s marketing manager, and today I want to give you an exercise to help you find your target market. First figure out who your ideal customer is. Male or Female Age Ethnicity Financial situation Marital status How long they have owned their current business Previous work experience? Children Religion Lifestyle … Continue reading

Master Mentor interview with Darren Hardy

Master Mentor: Darren Hardy To start the New Year off on an inspired foot, here is an excellent Master Mentor interview with Darren Hardy, the publisher and ED of SUCCESS Magazine.   Darren has spent a lifetime studying the habits of successful business people. He shares lots of great tips with Brad, including a habits of: … Continue reading

Don’t Repel Social Media, be THANKFUL

Don’t Repel Social Media, be THANKFUL On this week of Thanksgiving 2012 I want to stop and be thankful for the positive influences social media has had on Business’. Many “Old Timers” look at the online world as one that takes away from our personal relationships and means of communication, but think about how many … Continue reading


I am going to talk ONCE AGAIN on having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). I hit on this subject so often because it is absolutely crucial within a business, yet often gets looked over. When building your USP there needs to be clarity to whom the company is. How you would define yourself and the … Continue reading

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

I want to introduce you to a great book: “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”, by renowned leadership guru, Marshall Goldsmith. Marshall provides a valuable wake-up call to all leaders, big and small. He suggests the key to greater success is not always in mastering a new skill or task, but instead in eliminating one … Continue reading