The Importance of Margins and Price Increases

Here is a great article I wanted to share with you about the Importance of Margins and Price Increases written by a fellow ActionCOACH Jay McDowell. Enjoy the read,   Ormond The Importance of Margins and Price Increases Every business owner needs to understand the concept of margins and increasing prices is a great way … Continue reading

Monday Morning Challenge

On this beautiful Monday Morning I want to challenge you business owners to 3 things….. Reevaluate from an objective point of view how your progress in on your yearly objectives (What needs to change?) Take a look at what’s on your learning plan and what book, workshop or learning course would most improve yourself in pointing … Continue reading

The Business Hump

The Business Hump  Get the right people on the bus and empower them to do a great job It’s a common theme. You’ve seen it in the “The E-myth Revisited”, heard it in an ActionCOACH presentation or two, read it in the books “Delivering Happiness” from Tony Hsieh or in Brad Sugars “The Business Coach”. … Continue reading

Grow a Spine – Get Rid of Your Dead Weight Employees

    My fellow coach, Jay McDowell, has written about a situation that comes up regularly with my clients too. Does his story this have a ring of familiarity to you? Enjoy the read, Ormond Rankin ActionCOACH Business Coach   Grow a Spine – Get Rid of Your Dead Weight Employees   The call came in … Continue reading

9 ‘Do Now’ Strategies for Holiday Success

  Is your business prepared to optimize the holidays? With Halloween barely a memory, we have officially entered the holiday season. And if you haven’t already done so, it’s time implement your holiday strategies to make the most of this fleeting, busy and highly profitable time of year.   Whether your business relies on the holiday … Continue reading

Think Energy Management

Think Energy Management   I’ve found an interesting take on time management from author, Nido Quibein that I want to share with you. In his latest book Seven Choices for Success and Significance, Nido talks about managing ones energy instead of managing ones time. The concept of expending ones limited energy on the things we most value … Continue reading

That’s a STICKY Idea

I am always trying to read and grow in my business knowledge. A great book that I recently read was “Made to Stick, Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die Hard” teaching what it takes to keep your idea from going into one ear and out the other of your audience. I wanted to share … Continue reading

The War for Talent is Winnable

Do you have trouble finding and keeping great employees?If so, this month’s article is a must read. It’s from one of my suppliers, Hiring Smart.All too often employers look at the wrong indicators for a successful hire. They enter into a working relationship, spend a lot of money doing so, only to find their new prized … Continue reading

Effect Marketing for Lead Generation: The Law of Reciprocity

I am so lucky to be a Preferred Partner/Affiliate with the Local Impact Zone.   LIZ is a powerful networking group in the Treasure Valley that focuses on The Law of Reciprocity and giving first. We had a great event on Wednesday morning at the Powerhouse events center, if you missed it, I hope you can make it … Continue reading

Marketing Exercise: Become your Ideal Customer/Client

Hi this is Kelsie, ActionCOACH BCG’s marketing manager, and today I want to give you an exercise to help you find your target market. First figure out who your ideal customer is. Male or Female Age Ethnicity Financial situation Marital status How long they have owned their current business Previous work experience? Children Religion Lifestyle … Continue reading