The Importance of Margins and Price Increases

Here is a great article I wanted to share with you about the Importance of Margins and Price Increases written by a fellow ActionCOACH Jay McDowell. Enjoy the read,   Ormond The Importance of Margins and Price Increases Every business owner needs to understand the concept of margins and increasing prices is a great way … Continue reading

You Cannot Lead a Person From Where You Stand

Today is the first installment of our five part series on Leadership for June.  Hope you find this glimpse into the need for Leadership in every organization, and how to discern Leadership from Management.   Sincerely,   Ormond   A head full of what you want will get in the way of providing leadership.  Your vision, … Continue reading

Monday Morning Challenge

On this beautiful Monday Morning I want to challenge you business owners to 3 things….. Reevaluate from an objective point of view how your progress in on your yearly objectives (What needs to change?) Take a look at what’s on your learning plan and what book, workshop or learning course would most improve yourself in pointing … Continue reading

10 Things Employees Are Dying to Hear Their Managers Say …

Take care of your employees and your people will take care of your customers. As owners and managers handling minutia all day, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. The fact is, every member of your team needs more than a paycheck.They need to feel valued and respected for who they are … Continue reading

The Business Hump

The Business Hump  Get the right people on the bus and empower them to do a great job It’s a common theme. You’ve seen it in the “The E-myth Revisited”, heard it in an ActionCOACH presentation or two, read it in the books “Delivering Happiness” from Tony Hsieh or in Brad Sugars “The Business Coach”. … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship is a Roller Coaster, Not a Cruise

As a coach, I often talk with clients about working through “failure” and “perturbation.” It’s a fact of being in business, even if we don’t like to recognize it. Vivek Wadhwa makes some good points in his “Entrepreneurship is a Roller Coaster, not a Cruise” article about dealing with those challenges. I would just add that coaching … Continue reading

Leading at Scale with Agility

Our world is moving at an ever faster pace. As business owners, we must be nimble, innovative and ever-changing. We must lead our teams well and empower them to act for the good of all. This month’s featured article is from Brad Smith, Intuit’s President & CEO. Brad shares some key leadership strategies from General Stanley McChrystal’s recent book, My … Continue reading

Think Energy Management

Think Energy Management   I’ve found an interesting take on time management from author, Nido Quibein that I want to share with you. In his latest book Seven Choices for Success and Significance, Nido talks about managing ones energy instead of managing ones time. The concept of expending ones limited energy on the things we most value … Continue reading

5 Points of Marketing – Marketing a Circus

When preparing your marketing plan, make sure you understand what marketing is. Here are a few definitions of marketing: Communicating and Educating The 4 P’s – Place, Price, Product, and Promotion Getting someone who has a need to know to like and trust you. Marketing is so much more than just advertising and promotion. Don’t overlook areas the 5 Areas of … Continue reading

What Happens When Business Owners Get Into Action

   What Happens When Business Owners Get Into Action  (Testimonials from Business Owners who have worked with ActionCOACH Ormond Rankin) Dave Wright, Kimberly Nurseries “I have hired Ormond to coach me in my business. Although I have been in business for 25 years, I have found a renewed hope in the growth and profitability potential … Continue reading