You Cannot Lead a Person From Where You Stand

Today is the first installment of our five part series on Leadership for June.  Hope you find this glimpse into the need for Leadership in every organization, and how to discern Leadership from Management.   Sincerely,   Ormond   A head full of what you want will get in the way of providing leadership.  Your vision, … Continue reading

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Darren Hardy in person and listen to him talk about the compound effect.  While what he said was a bit of common sense, the way he put all his thoughts together created, as we say in ActionCOACH, a real BFO – “Blinding Flash of the Obvious”.His … Continue reading

Great Coaching = Big Winnings

  Great Coaching = Big Winnings   In the spirit of the Super Bowl, I want to focus on what the 49ers and Ravens had in common….a great coach. The Harbaugh brothers brought their teams all the way to the big game through long hours of breaking down tape, scribbling x’s and o’s and bringing out the best … Continue reading

4 Simple Tips for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

4 Simple Tips for Leaders and Entrepreneurs I was inspired by an article today written by Bobby Umar and wanted to share what I took from the piece. I feel that these are 4 simple yet crucial areas in being a successful  leader and/or entrepreneur.    Know Your Passion: This is difficult for many and may take years … Continue reading

A week of MISTAKES: Day 1

This week I want to focus on 5 massive mistakes that can devastate the deal when working with clients or prospects. Each day this week we will talk about one of the blunders and how to avoid/correct these errors. Mistake #1 1.)  Not Meeting the Client’s Expectations   It is crucial to give your client’s exactly … Continue reading

Quotes: Take Action

Are you coasting through the year, allowing your company to sit in a wait and see mentality? It is time to get up and take control of your business’ future. Here are a few quotes about the importance of taking action. “Action and Becoming are one.” Meister Eckhart Quotes “I like things to happen; and … Continue reading