Think Energy Management

Think Energy Management   I’ve found an interesting take on time management from author, Nido Quibein that I want to share with you. In his latest book Seven Choices for Success and Significance, Nido talks about managing ones energy instead of managing ones time. The concept of expending ones limited energy on the things we most value … Continue reading

The Plateau Effect

We’ve all experienced the plateau effect. It’s something like this: your business is growing, you are making great strides, then somewhere along the line things begin to slow and before you know it you are in a flat spot. Sound familiar?Here is an interesting and easy to digest slide set about why people get stuck … Continue reading

That’s a STICKY Idea

I am always trying to read and grow in my business knowledge. A great book that I recently read was “Made to Stick, Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die Hard” teaching what it takes to keep your idea from going into one ear and out the other of your audience. I wanted to share … Continue reading

Do you have the habits to be successful?

I’m quickly becoming a fan of Linked In articles posted by top influencers. Here is another good one posted by HubSpot founder and CTO, Dharmesh Shahby, in case you missed it – the Simple Daily Habits of the Delightfully Successful.Catchy title. Sure. But I like that it is positive and has a number of good things to … Continue reading

10 Quotes about Balance

It’s been awhile since I compiled a quote blog, so I figured it was time for a new one. During the summer many of our mindsets change because we want to spend more time outside, with our families or on vacation. Does this cause your business to suffer, or do you find that maybe your … Continue reading

9 Business Books That Will Change Your Life

I came across this interesting article on LinkedIn. Maybe you saw it too. So much fly’s by us on social media that I thought it worth re-posting here for those who didn’t catch it whizzing by.I found Dave Kerpen’s view of the 9 Business Books that changed his life to be a valuable book list … Continue reading

Networking Begins with Hello….Is That Where it Ends?

Having a great network/community can lead you to places you could never get on your own. Many people choose to not attend networking events because they feel that they are already doing well, don’t need the help of others and don’t need a basket full of business cards. But a little advice from me, build … Continue reading

Stop Taking Score

  I work closely with a group called the Local Impact Zone, which is built on the law of reciprocity. Within the networking group I strive to create meaningful relationships, share my knowledge, resources, energy and time,  providing values to others as well as increasing my own. In order to create success in life, it matters … Continue reading

The War for Talent is Winnable

Do you have trouble finding and keeping great employees?If so, this month’s article is a must read. It’s from one of my suppliers, Hiring Smart.All too often employers look at the wrong indicators for a successful hire. They enter into a working relationship, spend a lot of money doing so, only to find their new prized … Continue reading

A Business Coach?

COMMIT Your coach will commit their time, knowledge and ability to help you succeed. They will be accountable, reliable and committed. OPEN Your coach will be open to listening to you and your needs, clarifying the desired outcomes of the coaching. ASSIST A coach is not there to play the game for you, but instead … Continue reading