Networking Begins with Hello….Is That Where it Ends?

Networking Starts with Hello

Having a great network/community can lead you to places you could never get on your own. Many people choose to not attend networking events because they feel that they are already doing well, don’t need the help of others and don’t need a basket full of business cards. But a little advice from me, build your community before you need it. Don’t wait until you are jobless, hungry or on your own. Plant your seeds now, your garden will be blooming and plentiful before you are starving and begging for someone else’s food. Social settings may scare you because you’re introverted or intimidated by large groups of people. Work through your fear, be audacious in social settings and make connections that count. Find a role model and study their techniques to assist you in learning to speak and overcome social fears. The more you practice, the more comfortable and easy networking will become. Nothing good comes from doing nothing; failure is closer to success than never trying.
Now that you are becoming an expert in social settings, here is a list of Don’ts when connecting with others:

  1. Don’t be a schmooze
  2. Don’t rely on current gossip
  3. Don’t come to the event empty handed
  4. Don’t treat those under you poorly
  5. Don’t be too efficient (take your time and make your connection feel important)
  6. Don’t be shady (be transparent)
Don’t forget to follow up, no matter how big your database gets, if you never follow up with your new contacts, your relationship with stop with hello.  Try to connect with connectors including restaurateurs, headhunters, lobbyists, fundraisers, PR peoples, politicians, coaches, leaders, journalist, the list goes on and on. When expanding your circle it is good to generate partners who are willing to share their contacts. When choosing partners make sure  they are individuals you can trust and live by the same values as you; because when partnering with another person, their behavior is a direct reflection on you. Finally, put together a “Board of Advisers” within your connections and partners who will be your coach, cheerleader and accountability partners.Wishing you success in your networking adventures.

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One Response to “Networking Begins with Hello….Is That Where it Ends?”
  1. Susan Elcox says:

    Nice sentiments, Ormond.

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