Stop Taking Score


I work closely with a group called the Local Impact Zone, which is built on the law of reciprocity. Within the networking group I strive to create meaningful relationships, share my knowledge, resources, energy and time,  providing values to others as well as increasing my own. In order to create success in life, it matters less how brilliant you are, how much innate talent you’re born with, or where you came from. These things may help; but the bottom line is this, “Alone you won’t get very far.”The first thing you must do when living in a cycle of generosity is to stop keeping score. You may give and give but never see return from those that you give to; however, you might gain great satisfaction out of know that what you gave helped others ahead. There are also times that you may take someone else’s generosity knowing that you will never be able to repay them. But it doesn’t matter, because nobody should be taking score.  I have seen people pour themselves out into other people, but quickly pick up and leave when they feel as if they are not gaining a return on investment. You must set limits and boundaries to how much you can give of yourself without wasting away. But give what you can, take graciously, feel good about helping others and leave your score chart home.

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Great read with more about this topic is “Never Eat Alone”



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