The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Darren Hardy in person and listen to him talk about the compound effect.  While what he said was a bit of common sense, the way he put all his thoughts together created, as we say in ActionCOACH, a real BFO – “Blinding Flash of the Obvious”.His basic concept is that small changes made over time and practiced consistently can have major impacts on your life and your outcomes.  Most are not noticed in the short term and in fact many people stop doing the small things that can make the big differences because they don’t see any changes in the short term.  However, if they would stick to the new “habit”, they would see amazing results over the longer period.As I listened to Darren and reflected on some of my habits, I could see how some negatively affected me over the longer term (although I couldn’t see the implications in the short term) and others have helped me over the long term (and again I didn’t notice the changes in the short term).Get to know Darren’s books and teachings and as I have, consider what changes you should make that would have a lasting effect in your journey!  Below is a quick read that gives you more on The Compound Effect.Have fun!


Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect

How little things done over a long  period of time make a big difference. 


The Compound Effect is a reminder of the law of cause and effect. Darren Hardy shares the impact it has had on his life and how you can make yourself accountable for your choices.

The Compound Effect is the ripple effect you get from the choices you make. In life, you not only reap what you sow, you reap more than you sow.  The seemingly insignificant choices we make daily will create major changes in your life for good or bad. These are the things we don’t think about because they have no immediate effect. They don’t seem to matter. But over time, they can take you places you never intended. Hardy encourages us to make conscious choices-daily.

Given the fact that we have a limited lifespan, the earlier we start consciously making small changes in our behavior, the more powerfully the Compound Effect works in our favor. Since your outcomes are all a result of your moment-to-moment choices, you have incredible power to change your life by changing your choices. Step-by-step, day by day, your choices will shape your actions until they become habits, where practice makes them permanent.

Creating habits isn’t easy. Hardy says you have to begin by thinking your way out of the instant gratification trap. “The problem is that the pay off or instant gratification derived from bad habits often far outweighs what’s going on in your rational mind concerning long-term consequences. Indulging in our bad habits doesn’t seem to have any negative effects at all in the moment. But it doesn’t mean you haven’t activated the Compound Effect.

Hardy also recommends that when we try to change a habit we should focus on what we are adding-in rather than what we are taking-out. Instead of thinking about all of the TV you will miss in the evening, think about the experience and fulfillment you will gain by adding-in a hobby instead. Instead of focusing on what you have to sacrifice, focus on what you get to add-in.

It is harder to get started than it is to keep going, so you must be consistent to keep your momentum going. “When you start thinking about slacking off on your routines and rhythms, consider the massive cost of inconsistency. It is not the loss of the single action and tiny results it creates; it is the utter collapse and loss of momentum your entire progress will suffer.”

In this regard, it is important to look at what is influencing you. What you feed your mind, the people you spend time with, and your environment will all conspire to bring you closer or further from your goals. Stand guard.

Finally, Hardy says to multiply your results by going beyond the expectations; doing the unexpected. Uncommon things deliver uncommon results. Hardy says what stands between you and your goal is your behavior.

Your life comes down to this formula:

You   >   Choice   +   Behavior   +   Habit   +   Compounded   =   Goals

(decision)    (action)   (repeated action)   (time)

By Michael McKinney from Leading Blog  


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