4 Simple Tips for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

4 Simple Tips for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

4 Simple Tips for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

I was inspired by an article today written by Bobby Umar and wanted to share what I took from the piece. I feel that these are 4 simple yet crucial areas in being a successful  leader and/or entrepreneur. 


  1. Know Your Passion: This is difficult for many and may take years to figure out. You must know who you are, what is important to you, what your purpose is and then live our your passion.
  2. Commit to your Passion: Many individuals have a fiery passion but their ACTIONS do not reflect it. It is great to have passion burn inside you, but you must commit to taking action and letting your passion out to make a difference.
  3. Make your Connections Count: One of my main lead generations is through networking both in person and through social media. I meet many people, exchange card and info but never get a follow up. What was the point of connecting? Make your connections count by building relationships, you never know what opportunities lye within each connection. “Every person is a Bridge to something or someone else” BOBBY UMAR.
  4. Build a Winning Team: Surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you. This will generate more motivation, drive and flame to your passion. Then strive to be a person of motivation, one who inspires all who are around you and whom everyone will want on their team.

If you would like to connect I would enjoy coffee or a quick phone call with you to expand my connections.  I would also love to help you explore your passion and put it into a step by step action plan to success.



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