Master Mentor interview with Darren Hardy

Master Mentor: Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy

To start the New Year off on an inspired foot, here is an excellent Master Mentor interview with Darren Hardy, the publisher and ED of SUCCESS Magazine.  

Darren has spent a lifetime studying the habits of successful business people. He shares lots of great tips with Brad, including a habits of:

  • continual learning
  • clarity about where you are going
  • daily ritual
  • being grateful for what you do have

This is a real treat. Prepare to be inspired and enjoy the listen!

To your prosperity!

Ormond  Rankin


Darren Hardy has inspired audiences with his messages of personal achievement for more than 17 years.

Hardy is the publisher and editorial director of SUCCESS magazine.His highly-valued, actionable and results-oriented content along with his witty, commanding and engaging style has made him a favored keynote to audiences, large and small, all over the world.

Hardy is also an accomplished author. His first book, Living Your Best Year Ever outlines the specific system Darren was taught at 18 years old by a mentor, which he employed to earn $150,000 by age 19 and one-million dollars a year by age 24 as well as the development of a company generating more than $50 million by age 27.

Throughout his career, Hardy has mentored tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and other achievers through private programs and one-on-one mentoring and he has continued to refine and synthesize two decades of high-achievement distinctions, principles and insights into a system that will take you through the specific steps in designing, sticking to and achieving wildly ambitious goals.

To listen to (or download) Brad Sugars interview with 

Darren Hardy:   Click Here. 


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