Don’t Repel Social Media, be THANKFUL

Don’t Repel Social Media, be THANKFUL

On this week of Thanksgiving 2012 I want to stop and be thankful for the positive influences social media has had on Business’. Many “Old Timers” look at the online world as one that takes away from our personal relationships and means of communication, but think about how many new connections we have to build relationships on if we use it correctly. For example, when I gain a new relevant contact, I reach out to that person through a personal email or phone call to get to know them a little better. Now I have two “touches” on a potential client/customer without spending a dime. Reflect on the amount of resources and money companies had to spend in past decades on marketing materials; because we live in a world of social media, we have free, unlimited exposure that was not available for businesses in a previous generation.

I am thankful for FacebookLinkedInPinterest and Twitter . People say that social media is a “fad” and that everyone is jumping on the “bandwagon”. Well guess what folks, social networking is neither a fad or a bandwagon. Whether you are directly engaged with social media or not, there is a good chance your company or brand is and it is not going away.  So instead of repelling it, embrace these platforms and use them to your full advantage. Jessica Flynn, (social media guru) blogs, “Being engaged online means being aware and responsive to conversations occurring about your industry, your brand, your competitors, your trends. It is the ultimate corporate intelligence tool, SWOT analysis source and focus group resource. It provides insights and awareness you would never have otherwise.” It is baffling the amount resources social media brings.

I am also thankful for a new local program that provides free exposure via web, The Local Impact Zone. This online directory and referral system gives access to new leads and business connections at no cost. If you do not yet have a profile with them yet, what are you waiting for?

Finally, I have to say thank you to WordPress for offering such a great tool for blogging. Without them all my blogs would not exist.

Thank you Social Media and I hope all my connections have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time,

Ormond Rankin 

5 Responses to “Don’t Repel Social Media, be THANKFUL”
  1. Tim Berry says:

    I contemplate whether a company like ours can benefit from social media. I use fb personally. I have discussed using a business twitter account but for some reason am a bit reluctant or maybe am trying to either convince myself or be convinced it is good for this particular business. I am wholeheartedly supportive and to a degree understand what is a huge revolution in marketing, metrics, etc. I guess the question is, Is social media good for every business? Will it be worth my time and effort to spend extra time monitoring and being involved?

    • ormondrankin says:

      Tim I completely understand where you are coming from and for each business it is a different situation. You must first sit down and make a plan, would 10 minutes a day on your social media sites really cost you that much? Is it worth the free exposure? Know who your target audience is and how they use the internet to research, build trust and get to know your business. Would your audience and potential clients gain benefit from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest or a weekly blog? Last thing to consider is that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can greatly benefit from your interaction with social media. The less you are on the web, the less likely your business will show up when people do a search. As a Business Coach I build a large amount of reputation, exposure and relationship through social media, as for your business it is your opinion. I hope that helps. I am going to post this comment in a few LinkedIn groups and see if I get any further opinion and discussion. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


      • ormondrankin says:

        From LinkedIN: Laureen Quick

        Ormond: In reply to the comment you reposted, I would say….
        Marketing through social media is not an option today. It is the way your current clients/customers connect and engage with you. It is the way prospective clients find you and initiate a connection with you. If you do not have a presence on any social media platforms you are going to lose business.
        That said, within each business you will develop your own unique social media strategy. Your strategy will depend upon your brand, the nature of your business and your size. A small business that provides pet grooming services is going to use a very different social media strategy than a medium sized, b2b company that sells telephone services.
        Finally, if after all that, you are still skeptical–try using social media on a limited basis as a pilot test. Set it up as an experiment and track effort and the results. Then decide.
        To me, for someone in business today saying they do not use social media equates to someone in the 70’s or 80’s saying they do not list themselves in the phone book. I haven’t used the phone book in years to find a business. I don’t even know if we have a phone book in our house. Today, I search Google for a business I need and then go to FB to find the business and see what they are saying and if any of my friends are fans.

        Warmly, Laureen

    • ormondrankin says:

      From LinkedIN: Laureen Quick

      Thinking about it some more, I would add that:
      All social media strategies should be focused on getting people to click and link to:

      (a) an e-mail list sign up (through which you can stay in the top of their minds on a regular basis through an electronic newsletter and/or send them sales promotions)
      (b) a sales offer on your website that converts them into clients.
      The best measure of social media is how many clicks and ultimately conversions do you get to your website or business (via phone or in-store) that ultimately lead to a sale.
      I think this is why people get discouraged with social media. They put a lot of effort into it but never see any financial result. Social media is a way to engage with your clients or customers but ultimately, if you are in business you want them to buy from you.

      Warmly, Laureen

    • ormondrankin says:

      From LinkedIn: Adam Bond

      I agree, social media is most likely here to stay. I am very grateful for it, especial LinkedIn, but as with anything, it is about moderation. You don’t want to be one of those people who live on Facebook, or check their status when with other people. One also has to learn to use it correctly. Learn how to utilize social media to create meaningful networks and connections.


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