RRR: Reaping the Rewards of Referrals


This summer I wrote a three part series on Maximizing your Resources, we uncovered ways to use and build on what you already have within your company. If you applied any of the maximizing tools to your company, the inside force should be strong and you maybe ready for something new that will bring you more clientele. Today I want to talk about the power of referrals, stepping out of your company and your sales team and allow someone else do the work.

Finding and securing new clients can be exhausting and expensive. Instead work with other companies to help you find new clients. Find solid companies with secure, positive relationships with their customers/clients. Also, ensure that their products/services are not directly competitive with yours.

Contact prospective partner companies and talk with them about helping promote your products/services to their clients. Always offer them a commission on the sales that come from their client lists.

Make sure to include these key points in your proposal:

  • Ensure that your products/services don’t compete with theirs.
  • The partnership will not take away from their current or future sales.
  • The partnership will increase their profits.
  • They won’t have to do nor spend anything on the partnership.
  • You will produce all needed marketing materials.
  • You will offer an unconditional guarantee on all products/services.

Take the time to put together a solid referral system and you’ll draw new customers/clients out of the woodwork through everyone you already know. You can start doing this through first showing all your current clients how much you care about them. Follow the “Give First” philosophy and you will be amazed at the things to come.

I personally have built my referral system through a program called the Local Impact Zone. They provide free exposer and the opportunity for partnerships and referral networking. If you are interested in learning more about the Local Impact Zone, please visit their website or feel free to contact me for more information.


Until Next Time,


Ormond Rankin

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  1. Impressive publish! STICK WITH IT!

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