What Happens When Business Owners Get Into Action


What Happens When Business Owners Get Into Action

 (Testimonials from Business Owners who have worked with ActionCOACH Ormond Rankin)

Dave Wright, Kimberly Nurseries

“I have hired Ormond to coach me in my business. Although I have been in business for 25 years, I have found a renewed hope in the growth and profitability potential that Ormond has shown me. He is kind, passionate, and extremely good at helping any business find ways to be better. Everyone needs a business coach, and I would highly recommend Ormond!”

Michael Gibson, MGM Targets

To be brief, Mr. Rankin and the ActionCoach business building system has had more positive impact on our company since we started working with him last fall, than ALL the changes and improvements we had made to the business in the previous 15 years, combined.

Ron Grove, Merchants Moving & Storage

“Since engaging ActionCOACH Ormond Rankin, we have added cash to our balance sheet, achieved positive profitability, reenergized and focused our organization and we are personally growing on a weekly basis.  We have a clear strategy going forward that will accelerate our performance even further!”

Blane Russell, Social Eyes Marketing

“If you are reading this and are considering hiring Ormond for your business you need do it. He has assisted me in conformed my business model from a series of ups and downs to a system that works. Please free to contact me if you want to discuss this in person.”

Eli Schmoeger, American Cleaning Service Co.

“We have such a large organization and have been around so long, we needed help taking our old systems and turning them around with better direction and strategies. Since hiring Ormond a year ago, American Cleaning’s quality and customer service have increased greatly by helping us put a plan in place to achieve the goals that we want.”


Jenna Haener, Valice

“We can’t thank Ormond enough for inviting our company to be part of Action Coach Profit Club. This program is the jump start we needed to get excited and motivated to grow our company. Ormond has given us some amazing tools and insight as well as the motivation to take the time each week to work on our business. Every business owner should take advantage of this kind of coaching program!”

Rajesh Kanaparti, RIA Mobile Solutions

“Ormond’s coaching is the best gift that I can ever give to myself and my business the last one year. His experience as Sales & Marketing executive in technology field has helped him to guide me and direct me in directions that both challenged my abilities and skills to take my business to the next level.”


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