Local Impact Zone


We are proud preferred members of Idaho’s Local Impact Zone, a free marketing and referral network. If you are not a member of the Local Impact Zone I want you to ask yourself, “Why Not?”

Is it because you don’t know what it is? Do you not understand the concept? Or have you just not taken the time to become an affiliate?

Here is a little more about Local Impact Zone:


Overcoming the 3 obstacles hurting small to medium businesses in Today’s economy.

  1. Finding, Hiring, Funding and Training a Great Sales staff.
  2. Creating an edge over the competition, which has dramatically increased in the last 5 years.
  3. How to implement a smart strategy for marketing.

Local Impact Zone answers these concerns by providing:

The Premier Free Affiliate Marketing Network!

  • With a combination of new methods and timeless principles, we provide an extended sales and marketing arm that will run in the background while you work “on your business” and “in your business“.  We create exposure through an online directory, social media, VIP membership program, email marketing, networking our affiliates, seminars and webinars.  In addition, we have a very unique personal ambassador program.  Every business that becomes an affiliate in Local Impact Zone gets assigned a personal ambassador.  The role of the personal ambassador is to be aligned with our principle of “Giving First” which puts into motion “The Law of Reciprocity“.  The ambassador will look to their personal and professional network to find possible revenue opportunities for the new affiliate.  These are the types of relationships we all hope for in business so IZ is going to give first to make it happen.  IZ wont eliminate the need for a salesforce but we can definitely enhance the one you have.
  • How would you like to create a buying environment where clients want to buy from you without feeling like the only way to compete is on price?  We believe in creating so much value that a consumer has to feel like they would be crazy to do business anywhere else.  People buy from whom they like and trust.  That means they do not buy from people they do not like and trust and if they do, they have remorse and negatively brand your company.  Things have changed and the world is different.  With the internet and the speed and ease of communication, customers can positively and negatively brand your company almost immediately.
  • Local Impact Zone, also known as IZ, helps you to implement a smart marketing strategy by providing this free resource for exposure.  This gives you a place to start so you can see what works, what doesn’t and discover the methods and experts that can successfully help you produce more profits by implementing a Smart Marketing Strategy.  We also have Preferred Partners that provide helpful information on what we believe to be some of the key points to sustainable growth for our affiliates.  The Preferred Partners have given their time and resources to Local Impact Zone to align themselves with the “Giving First” philosophy as well.
  • Finally, the operations of the program are funded in each market by a Master Affiliate.  That is why the program is free for everyone else.  We truly believe that selfishness is the root of every conflict and it violates the true Laws of Success.  The Master Affiliate is committed to these laws with the understanding that it will return back to them more than they put in.  This program is legitimately 100% free and only requires a 15 minute consultation with the ambassador from the Master Affiliate.  By submitting your company, you will be redirected to another form to book your consultation with an explanation of the purpose of the consultation.  Please click the submission button at the top of the page.  We look forward to serving you.

Become an affiliate today: Click Here to Become an IZ Affiliate


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