I am going to talk ONCE AGAIN on having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). I hit on this subject so often because it is absolutely crucial within a business, yet often gets looked over.

When building your USP there needs to be clarity to whom the company is. How you would define yourself and the company? Think of a short powerful phase that grabs and involves your target audience.

  • Make sure your USP:
    1. Is not boring
    2. Is Unique
    3. Is Better than your competition
      • Know what makes you better than your competition
      • Don’t be afraid to get customer’s opinions on how you rate to other companies
    4. Is customer focused
    5. Reflects Value, Mission, and Culture of business

Your USP must be put together creatively. Pick a point of customer interaction and make it positively different.

  1. Define every point of contact that a customer has with you and your organization
  2. Select one (or more) of their contact points and develop five innovative strategies for enhancing the quality of contact with the customer at that stage!
  3. Select a challenge and redefine it from another perspective. Write down the new approach to an old problem

A good USP should perfectly represent experiences so compelling to customers that their loyalty becomes assured. These include:

  1. Vision of experience
  2. Voice of customer
  3. Feedback systems that are honest and give you unaltered evaluations
  4. Customers Involvement

Your “Customer Experience” Should be so connected with what is important to the customer that no “Value added” is necessary to get the response you are seeking from the customer.

Put together your USP with the expertise of an ActionCOACH today!


May your business prosper,

Ormond Rankin

4 Responses to “USP”
  1. mhdweb says:

    IT took us about 6 months to get a USP that represents us and our services, but we think we’re pretty close to having it right. It’s on our home page at

  2. bdeson says:

    Be glad of lifestyle due to the fact it gives you the opportunity to love, to function, to play, and to look up at the stars.

  3. Jesson says:

    I just found your blog on Ask Jeeves, a really good read.

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