Mentor of the Month: Dr. Paddi Lund

And now for something completely different. Dr. Paddi Lund is the self-confessed crazy Australian Dentist who dared to go his own way and developed a highly successful Happiness Center Business model.

This is a fun, quirky interview with good friends, Dr.Paddi Lund and Brad Sugars. While the conversation is light, the content is powerful thinking about how to create a business based on your happiness and the happiness of your customers.

Paddi is a unique voice and one that I’ve learned a lot from over the years.Take a listen now or download to your favorite listening device and take with you. Prepare to get happy!

To your prosperity!

Ormond  Rankin


The self-confessed crazy Australian Dentist! 

Crazy? Because in order to improve his sales he actually: 

  • Pulled down all his signs and locked his front door,
  • Took his name out of the phone book,
  • “Fired” more than half   his customers,
  • Sawed up his reception desk and installed a Cappuccino Machine instead!
  • Now bakes fresh dental buns for clients, and
  • Serves 30+ varieties of tea in fine bone china.

Yet now with his successful sales techniques – 

  • Only accepts new clients by referral
  • Works 23hrs/wk & earns 2.5 times the income,
  • Loves going work & is really happy!

Dr Paddi Lund has completely redefined the customer experience, successful sales techniques and referral marketing. Learn how Paddi did it – including step by step how you, too, can improve sales and mix business, happiness and profits! 

Click Here to listen to the interview

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