Maximizing Your Resources – Part 3

Today I will be wrapping up our miniseries on Maximizing Your Resources. We have covered 5 helpful areas in the two previous posts:

  1. Recognize the Obvious
  2. Unconventional breakthroughs
  3. Face the Facts
  4. Reveal your business’ soul
  5. Stand up and stand out

We will finish the series by discussing the last three ways you can work on maximizing your current resources.

  1. An offer they can’t refuse
  2. Would you like fries with that?
  3. Stay away from the edge of the cliff

1.   An Offer They Can’t Refuse

In order to stay ahead of your competition you have to maintain your competitive edge. The key to this is to make it easier for your customers/clients to say “yes” rather than “no.” It is important to eliminate all financial, physical, emotional and psychological road blocks they may have by offering warranties and guarantees. This will make your customers feel confident in you and your businesses products/services. Once the confidence is created you must stick with it, the quickest way to the bottom is to go back on warranties or guarantees.

2.   Would You Like Fries With That?

How many times have you fallen for this question? We all know it works! Look at what you have to offer and what products/services would complement what your customer is purchasing.  When you sell a product or service, offer an add-on, upgrade or back-end product to go with it. Make sure your complementary offer gives the product/service being purchased a higher perceived value.

3.   Stay Away From the Edge of the Cliff

Always be testing and measuring your systems and products. Stay away from the edge of the cliff by spotting the problems before they push the business over the edge. Here are a few specific areas to test for potential improvements:

  • Marketing
  • Sales Copy
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Letters
  • Sales Presentations
  • Employee-Customer Integrations

In testing these areas you may find products/services where you can raise the price, or possibly lower the price or offer that product as an incentive item. There may be areas for improvement that will better utilize your current resources.

This wraps up our series on how to maximize on your current resources. If you need help or have questions on any of these areas please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ormond Rankin

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