Building a Champion


When working with a company, don’t look at them as just another buyer, but instead as a partner. Become connected with the decision maker and build a valued relationship, developing trust and confidence.  This individual will become an ally, someone to vouch for you and build on the partnership you have with their company.

We like to call this partner a champion. They are a champion for your company and can bring a stronger, brighter future to your business. Here are the characteristics of a great champion:

  • They are respected by supervisors
  • They are socially networked
  • They think in the best interest of their company’s long run
  • They are able to quickly navigate through the company to get things done
  • They are willing to give credit to another person.
  • They share the same business philosophy, values and vision as you.


Once you build that champion, don’t let them take a bench seat. Be their cheerleader and keep them cheering. You can keep your champion going by doing a number of things to show appreciation. These things include:

  • Sharing the limelight
  • Help them show appreciation to their company
  • Emotionally connect them to your business
  • Know when to leave them alone
  • Keep your “family” happy.
  • Stay on the front lines

Remember that building a champion is not all about the money. It is about a chance to expand your business, learn from experience, find ways to grow, and to improve your processes systems and other means of doing business. Keep your alliances going strong and your partnership fresh and content.


Until Next Time,

ActionCOACH Ormond Rankin

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