A week of MISTAKES: Day 1

This week I want to focus on 5 massive mistakes that can devastate the deal when working with clients or prospects. Each day this week we will talk about one of the blunders and how to avoid/correct these errors.

Mistake #1

1.)  Not Meeting the Client’s Expectations  

It is crucial to give your client’s exactly what you promised during the negotiation portion of your relationship. If somehow you can’t back up these promises and there is no way of meeting your client’s expectations, not only do you have to find a way to fix the situation, but you also have to figure out where it went wrong.


There are a couple of things that could have contributed to this problem:

1.)  Bad salesmanship: this could occur when the salesperson is trying too hard to secure the deal and does not listen to the client’s specific needs.

2.)  Lack of communication: This is an issue between the salesperson and the operations department.

In order to avoid this mistake, a clear plan of ACTION must be put into place and the sales person must be trained to follow this plan.

  • Think before you speak.
  • Give yourself a break.
  • Perfect your process.
  • Pre-format over-deliverables.
  • Stay hands-on throughout the entire process.
  • Define success.

Creating a plan and training your salespeople is a vital part of a successful business. Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have not yet created your plan of action or need help with the training process and staying on track.


Until tomorrow,


Ormond Rankin


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