Preparing Your Bait

The blog’s theme these last few post have been on gaining larger clients, or big fish.  You have been informed on how to have a big fish mindset, ( now let’s talk about the purchasing habits and procedures of your fish and then look into how to catch them. Here are four things your team must work on in order to find success:

  1. Responsibilities: Identify who has authority over purchasing, who does the actual buying, and who has the power to shut down the whole deal if they want.
  1. Get on Their List: Know what it takes to get on their list of people to buy from and work your way to the top of it, fitting into as many categories as possible for more interaction.
  1. Language: Learn how your prospective client communicates and their unique lingo. Pick up on some buzzwords, report names, even nicknames for employees.
  1. Fiscal Budget: Get familiar with the fish’s fiscal budget.  This is crucial so you know exactly when they are mapping out expenses for the year.

Now that we know a little about the fish, you need to prepare to make first contact with them, remember, first impressions are crucial. Instill confidence in them by showing them you can fulfill exactly what you are offering on time, at a good price, and at the quality you guarantee.

Before you put together your approach plan, choose your fish. There are a series of things to go through in choosing which fish to start with.

  • Position Your Business to make the first move by listing your revenue streams, id and list your operational procedures, where your fish is initially positioned, your big-customer research, and putting it all together.


  • Compile Your Hit List starting with a list of all the companies you’ve been considering. Then narrow it down to the ones who know could use your products or services. Don’t overlook obvious choices, whether they are big or small. Even small companies could be big fish in the future.


  • Select the Best Target
    • Which have the most purchasing resources to spend?
    • Does their company vision complement yours?
    • What’s the company’s real need for you?
    • Will the partnership lead you off-course?

With your target in mind it’s time to put your approach into action.

Here is a great 10 step plan to get “touches” to your big fish, building relationship, confidence and leaving a great first impression.

1.)    Contact fish by phone and introduce yourself/business. Gain permission to send marketing material introducing your company more thoroughly.

2.)    Send marketing material by mail to fish within 24 hours of initial contact.

3.)    Three days following the direct mail piece, call your fish to confirm they received the mailer and further discuss their business. This is a relationship building technique designed to build rapport.

4.)    Send the fish an introductory fax designed to provide further explanation of your business’ services/products.

5.)    Call your fish to make sure fax was received. During call find out who you should be speaking to and set up appointment with a good time to discuss the fax/mailer.

6.)    Call during appointment time and thank them for taking the time to speak with you and offer more details about your products/services. Use this phone call and opportunity to set up a face to face meeting.

  • Now, don’t be upset if you don’t seal the deal right away. Some people simply take a little longer to woo. This can all be a little intimidating at first, but when you know you are offering a quality product/service, you can’t go wrong.
  • If no meeting is scheduled, send a creative letter thanking them again for taking time to talk to you.
  • Call again a week later if they haven’t agreed to a meeting or presentation. Ask if they received your creative letter and if they have a minute when you can stop by and introduce yourself in person.

7.)    If meeting has been scheduled, send your fish a reminder postcard 3 days prior to meeting

8.)    Call fish the day before meeting to confirm

9.)    Once you’ve gone through this process and make first contact (and hopefully a good first impression) it’s time to put your best face forward, which means sending the right salesperson to seal the deal.

  • If the deal is not closed in the meeting, send a post appointment mailer to promote “take action today.”

10.)   If deal is closed, sent them a “Welcome” basket

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