Big Fish Mindset

In my last blog, “Path to Success,” we started talking about prolonging your business by catching big clients, or “fish.” We are going to dig a little deeper by talking about a big fish mindset and how that will help your business develop an approach and find success.

You can’t start catching big fish until your entire team is in the boat with your vision and approach. Here are six keys to finding big client success:

  1. First impression: You have one chance to land a big client, don’t make a mistake or you may never be considered again.  Give them no reason to underestimate your capabilities.
  2. Main Concern: Make your fish feel like they are your main concern. Always be prompt in returning calls, emails and finding  solutions to problems or questions.
  3. Flexible: Become flexible in your negotiations. Do not hesitate to customize a product or service if it will benefit in the long run. It may seem like a pain in the rear now, but it will pay off later.
  4. Long-Term: Do not go looking for a one-time big score or you will lose their interest. Think about the long term benefits for your business when negotiation with a big fish.
  5. Have Fun: Work should be fun, even when trying to land big clients. In fact, this should be the most fun. You are sharing your vision with new people and including them in your future success and likewise. People simply work better in a fun, happy environment. Your passion will also be contagious and pull the fish into your vision even more.
  6. Help Them: If you take just a little bit of time and offer your clients ways to save money or time by introducing them to potential business partners, this will show you really are invested and  interested in their business. Strive to find balance between your business needs and your client’s needs.

Use these tactics to bring a big-company vision to your team.

  • Make the six steps above visible for the whole company
  • Have frequent team meetings
  • Put together a performance based incentive program.
  • Use a “right now” policy that dictates big fish calls be answered immediately.
  • Offer awards/recognition for big-company ideas and executions.
  • Put together a training and certification program based on the six keys above.

These 6 keys and tactics will place a big fish mindset throughout your company which is unstoppable. This will get the business prepared and more likely to land that big fish.

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