3 Steps to Keeping Your Clients

It is a well known fact that it costs six times more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one. So why do some business owners focus solely on the next new score and ignore the customers they already have? Need for more sales? Out of habit?

Once your business is launched it is critical to leverage what you already have and keep your customers coming back, over and over again.

Here are 3 Steps to Keeping Your Clients. Enjoy the read!

Ormond Rankin

3 Steps to Keeping Your Clients

Keep your customers coming back again and again in 3 easy steps:

• Welcome your customers
People are more inclined to engage with a company that makes them feel important and appreciated. Customers can tell whether you’re happy to see them through subtle gestures and signals – your tone of voice, your expressions, your posture, the way you are dressed – all these things send potent, often powerful messages to them. How do you engage with your customers? What impression do you make? And does your team follow suit? A simple, written welcome scenario will go along way to getting you and your team on the same and consistent page.
• Reward loyalty
If you retain your customers, you will see your revenues increase on less expense as you shift more of your marketing effort to building stronger ties with your existing clients. So the question is: are you keeping your current clients engaged, involved and interested in returning to you for your products and services? It does not cost much time, money or effort to let someone know you appreciate their patronage and are ready to reward them for coming back to you. An organized loyalty program can also be a strong inducement to gaining new customers.
• Provide superlative service
Each time a client decides to seek out the product or services of a new business, they take a risk. Will they have a good experience? Get good value for their money? If you provide them with an excellent experience, you’ve greatly enhanced their satisfaction level and reduced their need or desire to look elsewhere. The trust you build with each customer interaction will make engaging with you seem less risky and help you retain your customers. Keep an open ear and learn to look for signs that your customers aren’t happy with the product or service you provide. Seek out unresolved issues and fix them quickly. Customer satisfaction surveys can play an important role here.

These simple steps, intended to keep you focused on the needs and wants of your current clients, will be far more cost-effective then spending all that time, energy and money looking for new clients. For help in designing your 3 steps program, contact Ormond Rankin @ (208) 853-2005.


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