Going In-Depth….

By now you know what ActionCOACH is about and you have heard us talk about the “Six Step Process”. This proven successful process is based on six steps: Mastery, Niche, Leverage, Team, Synergy, and Results. By delving in deeper to each level we hope to give you a better understanding of our work and can show you what our process can do for you!  These steps mastered will give you more money and time so you can get your life back in YOUR control.  To help our explanation we use our definition to help demonstrate. A business is defined as: “A commercial, profitable enterprise that works with-out ME.”

Mastery is about moving chaos to control; Control that you can manage and is acceptable to you. This first step of mastery applies to the first part of our definition “A commercial, profitable enterprise…” You have to channel from that chaos to control in a business that delivers a product or service, consistently in a productive and effective manner at a base level. We can’t move on to the next step until we have completed this level first. Through testing and measuring we can track this and fix those kinks in your business that is keeping you from reaching this level successfully.

Niche is our second step where we focus on eliminating any price competition! Many people have a hard time wrapping their mind around this, telling us that ‘in their industry you can’t get rid of price competition’ but for us this is a key step. This is where the “…Profitable…” of our definition helps us demonstrate.  We have 200 plus ways to help market your business that best fits your company. Marketing and sales is an INVESTMENT not an expenditure! We work together with you to figure out which ways of marketing is profitable by testing and measuring the methods.  But as we pointed out before you need to complete each step before moving onto the next. It won’t help you in putting major efforts into marketing when you can’t master consistently delivering your product.

Our third level is Leverage:  ever more with ever less.  To take from our definition this is the point where “…That works…” helps us. In leverage we learn how to divide up the tasks to multiply the outcomes, we want to complete the task of work once and get paid for it multiple times. If you run an effective add once-having tested and measured where it is successful-and get four lead customers from it that is leverage.  You need to set up your business so that you have systems in place that work without you, you set it up once and then get profit from it over and over. A great example in history of this is Henry Ford who created the assembly line in productions, multiple people dividing up the task of constructing a car made the process more effective and efficient.

Team brings our fourth level, our definition points that our by stating “…with-out ME.” You have to not only supply a great team but excellent leadership.  We work with you to selectively create a team that is ideal for you and your company and its growing needs. We will sit down with you and write down your systems that make your company work from daily to monthly to yearly, hire the right people, train correctly so that the company not only works but works without you and grows without you!

The final two steps are Synergy and Results these last two levels are really when you start to see the growth and the freedom come back into your business and personal life!

Have a successful day! –Ormond Rankin


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