Five Sure ways to Massive Profits

Would YOU like more revenue? What about more profits? Is more customers your wish?  Your wish is granted with ActionCOACH . We have the secret to success, the equation that can make all the difference for you and your company meeting its goals and earning more ‘take home profit’.

Leads x Conversion Rate = Number of customers x Average dollar sale = Revenue x Profit Margin =


We can teach you how to break down certain parts of the formula to make it produce greater and desired results for you and your company.  By improving in a single one of the areas in this equation you can exponentially increase your ‘take home profit’.

Take for example ‘conversion rate’. This concept would have you take the number of ‘walk-in’ customers you get each day and ‘convert’ them to a returning customer. Say that is ten, and instead of being able to help or sell to two out of those ten that come to your place of business you are able to help or sell to three of those ten. You just increased your conversion rate by ten percent. Make that change and complete the rest of our equation and the results are an increase in 21% of your take home profit. Now think if you made improvements in every area 10% for the whole equation. We are seeing HUGE results!

We have over 100 tested and measured ways to improve in each of these steps and we can help you and your business reach its goals! This December 8th we have another exciting opportunity for Business owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals we have another free seminar to offer that will cover what we talked about today  as well as effective marketing in today’s economy and marketing drivers to increasing profitability in your business.  For more information feel free to contact us, all contact information can be found in the ‘about’ tab.


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