4-Ways of Dealing With Stress on the Job

4-Ways of dealing with Stress on your job

#1 Find humor in the situation. When you –- or the people around you — start taking things too seriously, find a way to break through with laughter. Share a joke or funny story.

#2  Have realistic expectations. While Americans are working longer hours, we can still only fit so much work into one day. Having unrealistic expectations for what you can accomplish sets you up for failure — and increased stress.

#3 Nobody is perfect. If you are one of those types that obsess over every detail and micromanage to make sure “everything is perfect,” you need to stop. Change your motto to performing your best, and leave perfection to the gods.

#4 Maintain a positive attitude (and avoid those without one). Negativism sucks the energy and motivation out of any situation, so avoid it whenever possible. Instead, develop a positive attitude — and learn to reward yourself for little accomplishments (even if no one else does).


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